Unpopular but objectively true facts:


Characters dependant on critical hits (a.k.a. ‘rogue class’) are inferior to tanks/fixed DPS. Better to have the certainty of knowing how much damage you’re going to cause than hoping for the best.

Mass Effect 3: The extended ending was fine and satisfying enough. I feel like people who complain about lack of seeing the result of your choices throughout the trilogy have been skipping/sleeping through the story during the game itself.
Also, Paragon Control is utilitaristically the best possible ending, both at that moment and long-term.
Also also, the ‘indoctrination’ fan theory is silly and even more ridiculous than the original ending.

Silent Hill: The Room is the best of the series.

Metal Gear Solid 4: The first two acts were easily the best part of the game and pretty much the sole reason why I replayed it at all. Although I was initially turned off by the active warzone atmosphere, I eventually grew to love how expansive the possibilities were of being able to move your way through and influence the battle, or just ignore all that and sneak your way past the battlefield entirely.
The final bossfight however was barely mediocre at best and mostly just ‘memberberries. It wasn’t even half as exciting as any of the final boss fights of MGS 1, 2 or 3.


Godfather 3 > 2. Although 2 wasn’t bad or anything, it just doesn’t stick with me nearly as much as 1 and 3.

Cloud Atlas is an amazing work of art. Easily the Wachowskis’ masterpiece.

Watchmen is the best movie based on a comic book ever made and it’s not even close.

Return of the Jedi: the song ‘Jedi Rocks’ was alright and nothing to get upset about. ‘Yub Nub’ however flat out sucks.

Although the generally unpopular combination of sci-fi/horror/action is a guilty pleasure of mine, I hate the movie Aliens. Mostly because of Newt. I hate little children in survival horror, usually because their helplessness results in all the cool and useful characters getting killed. The fact that Newt screams all the time makes it even worse.

There's no such thing as a movie being so bad that it's funny. You either like it, you don't, or you just don't care for it all that much.
People laughing at how 'bad' movies movies are either just enjoy it (because something doesn't have to be intelligent high-level genius quality to be good enough to watch and enjoy), or they never got out of that teenage phase where they force themselves to laugh overly loud at everything they think they're supposed to laugh at, even when there's nothing lolworthy about it.
The latter are usually the same people who think a movie is either the best or worst thing ever before even having seen it.


Star Trek: although I love VOY and can’t get enough of it, its major downside (aside from being episodic) is the lack of character growth: the Doctor is pretty much the only main character that clearly develops as a character. All the others are pretty much the same person they were as when they first appeared. And yes, there have been many episodes focusing on Seven Of Nine’s development, though in the next episode the series seems to disregard any developments and she’s just as robotic and antisocial as ever. Even Icheb and almost any other named minor Borg character show more personality.
Also, ENT season 3 & 4 is some of the best Star Trek stuff ever made.

Breaking Bad is mostly bland and depressing (and not in a good way).

Game of Thrones season 7 is great, one of my favorites even. I really liked that the pace was ramped up, as I felt that the series was progressing very slowly, which was nice at first, but eventually became monotonous.
I agree that season 8 was not good and way too rushed, though I think the ending in general is fine. Also, there is plenty of foreshadowing of Danaerys potentially giving in to the Targaryen madness throughout the season.


Rap has categorically sucked ever since gangster rap was invented and somehow managed to infect the entire genre with its violence, misogynism and materialism, not to mention the infantile moves, clothing and way of speaking really limits it to childish/adolescent phases.

The second half of the twentieth century was truly the golden age for music in general. There is just so much good stuff to be found in various genres, and the fact that every era has moderate and minor hits that are mostly forgotten ten years later means that there are always more shiny jewels to be unearthed.
After the early 2000’s though, music in general took a deep nosedive. There are still decent songs made every now and then, but very few artists these days are consistently good.

Paul Rodgers > Adam Lambert. Don’t get me wrong, I think Adam Lambert is an excellent singer. I just think he’s not a good fit as lead singer for Queen.


There should be an obligatory test for every person who wants to vote, in order to ascertain how aware they are of political/societal/scientific developments. The results of that test should determine how much value someone’s vote has. That way the electoral process is less susceptible to fake news, clickbait and other misinformation influences, and it’s both more fair and effective than censoring unfounded claims or adding something like “this claim about election fraud is disputed”.

Although I’m all for durable and environment-friendly developments, electric windmills and solar panels are going to be nowhere near enough to meet humanity’s energy demands. For now, the best course of action is to generate more nuclear energy. The fact that fission and eventually fusion energy can be developed through this means there is a lot of potential for industrial development. Yes, it is not a 100% without risk, nor is it 100% environment-friendly, but it is significantly more so than sticking to our current dependency on fossil fuels.

We should focus much, much more on the development of space travel and alternative habitats for humanity. If we “wait for humanity to get its shit together”, it’ll be too late and we’ll have too few resources to get out there, basically dooming humanity as sooner or later giant meteor is going to hit Earth, if any of the other thousands of doomsday scenarios doesn’t wipe humanity out first. Spreading out into space and creating new colonies at the very least increases humanity’s chances of survival.


Cheek-kiss greetings are weird and awkward, and I hope they go out of fashion thanks to the Covid era.

Sex: I don’t get sub/dom powerplay. It makes no sense to me and I don’t associate with either. While it's fine that people have their kinks, it makes me sad that so many people seem to be so fixated on this when it comes to sex.
Same goes for butt stuff, whether it's giving or receiving. As far as I'm concerned, that place is exit-only.

‘Cultural appropriation’ is a silly thing to get worked up about. There’s nothing wrong with adopting another culture’s habits or traits if they appeal to you. Forbidding people from doing that is basically no different than saying one gender can’t do something because it’s associated with the other gender.

Traveling by car for a <5-mile distance = lazy, spoiled and wasteful.