Freedom always comes at a cost, what we do with it up to us. However,
utilitarian states will always begin to strive to take that away from us. We
can't let that happen. Our nation should, no must, be strong and bring
knowledge to those ignorant of our plight.

Even though no one is listening, we can ourselves be heard. The nation's
redemption is at hand and has a bright future. We will show on the
record that we did not just wait and be idle. Today is our day. The
one day that will forever live in infamy. Soon, maybe even tomorrow, a
revolution will take place. As you know we live the greatest nation, number
1 in the world. This matter takes precedence. Do not let the evil infect the
318.9 million people who represent our great nation. Stand against the
5 other great first world nations. We shall defeat them and those evil
5 nations will be no more.