So today (9/26/2015 at the time written for the Monster Hunter 4U board) marks the end of a journey, a long one I might add, of finding a treasure of an element that transforms boys into Alpha Wolf men. On my quest, I took the path by hunting the guild quest version of Deviljho, a quest biased towards Bows and Bowguns, and Chest Armor hailing from a certain series. I had spent the past week dabbling and raising the level from 120 to 136, but today... today was different. After a long (and quite rewarding in more ways than one) day of work, I returned to my humble abode and after some time of rest, I decide to crack open ye old faithful and return to the online community of MonHun, 4U edition. Of course, after opening a room for my Jhoseph Jhoestar quest, I immediately had to crack down the whip on unsuspecting hunters who refuse to cooperate in preparing the necessary equipment to take on a successful Apex hunt, i.e. I had to kick out hunters who had no wystones. And for that, my refusal to compromise was rewarded as that was when I encountered them.

Stratos, a Dual Blade master hailing from the unknown.

Shasha, a Gunlance expert representing an undisclosed society.

And Kunoki, a Guard Point CB specialist who appeared from who knows where.

At first, I didn't think much of the ragtag team I had been randomly grouped with. All I knew was that this was a LV 136 Deviljho and we were going to kill it before it killed us. Shame I was only 3/4ths right. It certainly didn't kill us. It killed me. We still won but I still had to walk home, with the shame of being the only cart and the shame of being the owner of the quest who carted, the shame of getting knocked over and not paying attention to Jho when he does his ram into you. And this happened again at 137! But they were patient, they didn't hold it against me. That's when it happened...

We slowly became in synch. I had been the weakest player on the team; Stratos knew how to dance around Jho as he pleased, Shasha and Kunoki knew how to pin onto Deviljho and take him out of apex before I could get my Wystone on, and above all Kunoki, guard points here, guard points there, guard points EVERYWHERE. This character had such pin point precision that she could consistently KO Jho in each and every hunt of ours. I don't have such skill or knowledge of my tools in the SA, as embarrassing as it is as a SA main, but I had to play to my strengths somehow. And that's when the team finally became realized,

In the newly established LV 140 quest, we all drived on and reached Apex Jhotaro at the same time. We all stuck to him as ants would to sugar. We drove him out of Apex in a blink of an eye. 2 of us strategically placed traps, fully anticipating where he'd step and drove him out of the area. Racing to his new area, I dropped a trap as he was distracted by one of our allstar teammates, and as he stepped back to fall into the trap, 2 tranquilizer bombs were already underway and successfully captured him. Nobody discussed anything pertaining trapping the beast. But it happened, effortlessly ending the quest at a time stamp of 7 minutes and 26 seconds.

And that's when I found it... I've been searching for this one piece for months, I've farmed Kushala till my regular hunting mates couldn't bear to see it anymore, analyzed it till I had it down to the science, but yet, a week of Deviljho and I finally have my prize...



Not clear how big of a deal this is?



Thank you, my teammates, you will forever have my eternal gratitude for ending my journey of finding the elusive shining Damascus Chest Armor bearing Edgemaster +4. Till we meet again,

- Linus AKA Sad_Face of GFAQS