Shhinokxz's Captain's Log - 2004:

This rant will root outward from my previous one regarding dumbass pseudo-intellectual jackasses. Let me start off by explaining a scenario I had with one the other day. Here is the gist of the e-mail that I got:

Hey Cory what's up hehe u prolly don't kno me but I really think ur rants are funny. I go to the forums and i saw ur mk3 page and i went here. neways i was out looking for a video card and because i'm taking a programming class in 9th grade because i'm cool i decided to get ur opionion on the thing blah blah blah blah i don't get very good fps in coutnerstrike blah blah blah my clan is XOXOXOXKILLAZ blah blah blah blah.

And the guy literally went on for about two paragraphs boasting his ultra-cool 'programming class' and the fact that he's 'looking for a new video card'. These people piss me off the most. Just because they managed to install a stick of RAM in their computer means they can talk out their ass with just about anything that has something to do with computer.

The only thing I love about these kinds of people is the fact that they're so fun to prove wrong. I was sitting next to this assfuck in my Technology class today (yeah, my school doesn't have shitty C++ class because they realize the fact that teaching a tough programming language to a bunch of dumbshits is like teaching a cat to come up with a cure for cancer), when he went into 'elite' bullshit mode about his sick fetish with the Japanese culture and whatnot. I don't get these kinds of nerds. They embrace ANYTHING that has to do with the Japanese culture just because it's Japanese and not interesting and unusual. These kind of idiots are usually the ones who walk around with Japanese shirts with kanji words on them that translates to dumbass phrases like "life blossom" or "endless light." It's especially funny hearing these t***s chime off on Japanese animation (or 'anime' to the super-cool elite).

Man I hate people.