In basketball, there was a force so dominating..they were known as "the big three." They were so powerful, that it was said that only THEY could slam dunk a basketball. Now, it didn't matter if you knew other stars like MJ and Kobe could dunk..because that didn't matter anymore. Even though it was documented in text and film, it is regarded as conspiracy that anybody outside the big 3 had the skill set to slam dunk a basketball.

Onwards, The Big 3. Fox, CNN, MSNBC. The media pimps of the capital. The Presstitutes of this nation. The inside project mockingbird Rockefeller connection through the two way NSA spy system connection. Unless one of these 3 entities reported the news, then it's not true. Unless what you are linking on this forum is backed up by what the cabals of the new world order is saying, people aren't going to take it with any grains of salt.

We are dealing with people who look at the Illuminati as a actual group of people based out of a Tom Hanks movie. To them, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian are cutting edge, MUST WATCH tv, and Eisenhower remains unknown, the prison industrial complex is unfathomable, and DARPA is metal gear solid fiction.


Unless the big 3 confirm it, it never happened.

It doesn't matter if you have the worlds most respected and prestigious newspapers reporting with the sources......unless it's a direct plugged script from the whitehouse to the msnbc, nobody will believe it.

By the same token.......this is akin to NBA fans stating that only Lebron, Wade, and Bosh...the big 3, can dunk. It doesn't matter if as a child you seen Micheal Jordan dunk, or you are a fun of Kobe Bryant's impressive the rest of the world, they don't exist.....they've never slammed dunked a basketball, and it's conspiracy theory to suggest anybody can dunk except the big 3.

post the thousand file pdf with every dirty little secret? it will be thrown to the wayside as people would prefer the synopses filled with half truths and stalling until the next phase takes place. Instead of using common sense like, "the sky is blue", "the grass is green"..people need links to how the ocean and plants work. It's right in front of our faces that yes, our CIA and DIA run Al Qaeda and the rebels. We gave them heat seeking missiles. It's plain as day fact, but people want to run in circles thinking that something like that could never happen because Obama and John Boehner are their "friends".....

your power system is losing control. seal team six members are questioning the accounts. the whole things fake, the whole thing is a lie. I get emails from my sources telling me that everything is unraveling and pentagon positions are being cleared.

I want to open minds, I really do. We must show the duplicity and the corruption of worshiping the state being armed, but we can't be. Enemies of free people everywhere. They are our enemies. I repeat.

They are our enemies. They have already declared war on us. Diets, changed. Instincts, change.

Robot reporters will replace mainstream journalists. The newscaster will one day be a cyborg and you won't even know it. See, the AI computers that actually are intelligent: meaning that it can fool you into thinking that its a human. Tens of thousands of companies, link farms, keywords rewriting articles that dont make sense. Stories being written by robots. Government press releases will be re-written.

If you don't tow the line, you won't be given the press releases. A virtual president where its a hologram recording of him. A video simulation. The technology has been held back 30 years from what you know and what they have in the public realm. Everything given to us is a Trojan horse.

OSS black op commander, who wrote space odyssey..what did he tell you? we all take microchips and worship Lucifer at the end of it.