This is a fucking video to some fat fuck on YouTube, named Boogie2988. Now, I'm tired of this fat fuck popping up on all my fucking search engines when I'm looking for a fucking workout video. I don't give a fuck about the aftermath from any of you Boogie fans that feel sorry for this greasy fuck. You fat fucking disgusting ass smelling. Blob. Cheese drinking. Crisco bathing. Lard gargling. Calorie thieving. 'Cabbage-Patch' face having. Dr.Robotnik looking. WingStop eating. McDonalds gorging. T-Rex arm having. Non-vegetable eating. Cook on a George Foreman grill just to drink out the drip tray. Wide Load. Hungry Hungry Hippo. Planet. Pretending to have a fucking thyroid problem. Whale/ Free Willy. Part Bus. Yokozuna. Flubber. Kirby. Salad Dodger. Chair Crusher. Butterball. Go to Subway but put everything on it. Michelin Man. Happy because Hostess is back in business motherfucker. I know there is gonna be alot of people out there calling me a bully. Well guess what, I'm not. I just don't feel sorry for fat fucking people especially fat fucks who sit there all day, gorge and eat, and make money for doing absolutely nothing, while a bunch of sorry fucks like yourself play into it. You don't like what the fuck I'm saying, then fuck you.