I grew up in an extremely religious household. I was homeschooled, we had no TV, no internet, so I was extremely sheltered to say the least. Well in addition to not getting out much, my mom was rather controlling. Don’t get me wrong she treated me and my siblings with warmth and I always felt loved but there were strict routines we had to follow daily. I guess as far back as I can remember my mom sent us to the bathroom every night before bed for “potty time,” in an effort to avoid any accidents while sleeping. She’d bring me in the bathroom, sit a coloring book on the tank and I would sit down on the toilet facing the wall and color until I was able to go. She always made us strip completely naked, shirt and all, so we wouldn’t get anything on our clothes. That went on until I was about 10, and then not knowing better I just continued the practice on my own, although the coloring books eventually became magazines and novels. I never questioned it and thought this was how everyone used the toilet. When I was 17 during a trip up to Walmart my whole world changed, however. I had always avoided public restrooms at all costs. The thought of being naked around other people honestly terrified me. But nature was calling hard, I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer. I nervously hobbled my way through the door to the men’s room, and darted into the first open stall I saw. I removed my shoes and sat them in the corner of the stall, followed by my pants and underwear which I folded and placed a top my shoes. Out of habit I removed my shirt and placed that on top of my other folded clothing. I then sat down on the toilet facing the wall and started to do my business. To my dismay I heard to stall door beside me open and a grunting man rustling with his belt before taking his seat. I tried to block it out and just concentrate on the texture of the painted white cinderblock wall in front of me. The evacuation process was taking longer than I anticipated however and before I knew it the man beside me had finished only to discover his stall had no toilet paper. “Yo,” he said, “can you hand me some toilet paper mines empty.” “Uh.. sure,” I said unraveling a good amount then passing it under the stall. There was a brief silence and then he addressed me again, “hey, man... are you naked in there...” he said with obvious concern, “and are you sitting on the toilet backwards?” I was confused with his questions, “yeah I’m naked but I’m not backwards.” “You facing the wall?” he replied. “Yes,” I said thinking I was clearing up the confusion. “So you’re backwards?” “I don’t think so, I’ve never used a public restroom though so I don’t know if these toilets are different.” He just chuckled and said, “man you’re hilarious,” before flushing and exiting the restroom. I began processing what had happened as I put my clothes back on. When I caught back up with my parents I told them what had happened. A look of bewilderment came across both of their faces. “You have been sitting on the toilet like for all these years?” my mom asked as my dad just laughed. “Yeah...?” Now my mom started laughing too, and they both just stood there doubled over hardly able to catch their breath. “Honey,” she said, “we just did that when you were little to keep you busy... I thought you knew that wasn’t how adults sit on the toilet...” “Well obviously not mom, thanks for telling me now.” The rest of the day every time they saw me they would burst into laughter. To this day I still have to catch myself when I go into the restroom and start taking off my pants to sit on the toilet.