This is WilliamPorygon's page.

He looks like this.

WilliamPorygon loves dolphins.

WilliamPorygon is also a huge furry fan.

He also likes avians...

...and scalies (particularly dragons)...

...but of course cetaceans are his favorites.

He's also a Poképhile whose favorite Pokémon is Charizard.

And a brony whose waifu is Twilight Sparkle (but who also has a thing for Rainbow Dash).

He also loves Andalites (from Animorphs).

Aside from physical traits, he finds intelligence and happiness to be very sexy.

Although he generally prefers females, he's willing to have an intimate relationship with another male if they're attractive enough to him. In particular he likes Giancarlo the Flamedramon from Roommates and Seth from Amorous.

His fursona is an anthropomorphic bottlenose dolphin named Kajika Longfin who will soon have a reference sheet, artwork (both SFW and erotic) and hopefully eventually a fursuit made of him.

His favorite genres of games are JRPGs and puzzle games. He likes anime girls, particularly tomboyish types.

WilliamPorygon also thinks horses and snakes are cool creatures, but are still nowhere near as awesome as dolphins. Also he likes classic game shows, especially from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Other sites WilliamPorygon frequents include, YouTube, and FurAffinity. WilliamPorygon has been a member of GameFAQs since 2002 and is set to reach the ??? board user level on May 10, 2026.