I'm just going to write something Incoherent.

"As the fire spreads the moths feel the soothing release of lazarus, they find themselves watching some very poorly written naruto crap to which they find themselves wishing for the sweet release of
Metal Gear Solid 6: Revenge of Ocelot' Oh yee of little faith in Error, you shall soon find yourself amongst the void of darkness known as 'Burgess the Destroyer' CE will not miss the as the is just a a miserable pile of Drake & Josh re-runs.

So as I progress in this somewhat long yet short webpage on a site named after he who is errorless, I find myself wondering exactly what they point of this is, am I really writing text or is Error? Am I Error, or is Error me, are we all Error or just CjayC. Who really knows anymore. Not I says the cat as he proceeds to make a really smelly fart.

And now for more random text, Wood is the hood if the hood were the should, hoody moe moe, at the kawaii desu mo, met by the slow penguins in the show.

Dio was here! Jotaro is a loser!"